Male Privilege I

As of this posting there is just over ONE hour left until Israel is supposed to stop bombing Lebanon! I am tired, but I am going to stay up to see if they really stop. In the meantime, of course, I am looking at weblogs, mine and others’.

Clampett, formerly known as Kafir, has asked for bibliography on male privilege. He has asked me, since I seem to know something about it, and I am honored, but the bibliography question stumps me: is there one key text, does anyone know?

When I saw that I did not know, I started to Google the term, and realized: by doing this work which he is clearly able to do for himself, I may be granting Clampett some male privilege right now! I kept going, because I was interested for my own purposes.

Here is a checklist on male privilege, and here is White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, the article from which the Male Privilege checklist was derived. And here is a privilege exercise.

The most important thing about male privilege is that men tend not to recognize that they have it, or understand what life would be like without it.

The most common everyday example of male privilege in my life is that men can throw fits at work, be lazy, do all sorts of things, and get away with it far more easily than can women.

Male privilege accords men special rights just because they are men. They are rewarded, protected, and privileged because they are men; life is made easier for them because they are men. Men then feel entitled to these special, unearned rights. They expect to win, and have difficulty surviving losses. Membership in the Men’s Club, has its privileges.

There is clearly much more to say on the problem, but I strongly suspect that others have said it better than I can. All my stories of ‘the whiteman’, though, are stories of male privilege. I will research this matter. It appears that, although I feel knowledgeable about it, I am not easily able today to define, or delineate in a clear way sexism, misogyny, patriarchy, male privilege.



~ by Z on August 13, 2006.

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