Z Blackground

This is Z Blackground, the WordPress backup of Professor Zero’s original blog, on Blogger (18 February-26 November 2006).

The current PZ blog has been on WordPress since 16 September 2006. As there is at this time no import utility to WordPress I know of for the new Blogger, I will move posts from the old blog to this archive site one by one, as I have time. Comments, links, and other ephemera will remain on the old site. Once again, Professor Zero’s writing from September, 2006, to the present is at http://profacero.wordpress.com.

The font size on this template is irritatingly small. To increase it, please go to the “view” tab at the top of your browser. In the drop down menu, choose “font size” and then “increase.”



~ by Z on January 9, 2007.

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