Special Students

It is seven and I have just gotten home. I ate Ak-Mak and hummus, which I had stored for this occasion since, due to renovations in the kitchen, I cannot cook. I made a salad and I am drinking a glass of wine. I have just realized I am missing one of the films in the art series the university is giving, a film I really wanted to see. I could still go, and perhaps I will, but I am tired and disoriented and although I remembered it in the morning, I had forgotten until this moment.

The reason for this is special students. In one class, dealing with discipline – confiscating cell phones, sending students out into the hall, insisting they speak to the department chair and the Dean of Students, was truly exhausting. I and some other students are particularly afraid of one student who does not seem particularly balanced.

In the next class, we sat in a circle so that the one most dominant student, cannot place herself in the middle and interrupt so visibly. She moved her chair so as to sit by me and kept tapping me on the shoulder when she felt attention was going to another speaker.

This student was the only one who could not write her paper. I have suggested to her repeatedly, verbally and also in writing, that she be evaluated for ADD and get treatment for anxiety. She out shouts me, saying that she should have alternative assignments since she does not miss class and she does “participate.”

All of these students have major educational and mental health problems. I have been repeatedly told we must be understanding and helpful to those who have not had the opportunities in life we have had. They are the customers, and we are to serve them well.

I do not think this is in any way right.



~ by Z on March 1, 2011.

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